Earning money can be done by using telegram and it has various kinds of methods earn money from telegram but instead of learning how to earn money online from telegram first be have to know the some information about telegram and then we will talk about the earning methods from telegram .

What is telegram and uses of telegram for normal person ?

Telegram is an messanging app and communication platform . Telegram allows user to send messages , voice messages , videos , video calls , audio calls and pictures . The users get the chat end to end encryption on telegram . It allows people to make groups and make channels on telegram and join the others groups and channels for there interest or watching their favourite content or chat with there friends , family members etc . Telegram is available for Android, IOS , windows and desktop and has gained popularity for its features and user-friendly interface.

Methods of earning from telegram

1. AFFILIATE MARKETING :- Promote products of ecommerce company on your telegram channel . share affiliate link on your telegram channel and get best commission on it . example you sell the tv of Rs.45000 and the commission rate is 5% so you will get approximately Rs.2250 .

2. CONTENT CREATION :- we can create a valuable content such as tutorial , sharing education notes , entertainment and motivational thoughts with your audience and share it your telegram audience and when you get more subscribers then your page will get sponsorship and join the community of owners so they will tell you how to get sponsorship in your channel.

3. CONSULTING OR COACHING :- you’re an expert in a specific field, offer consulting or coaching services to your Telegram followers. You can charge for one-on-one sessions or group workshops.

4. PAID MEMBERSHIP :- create a channel which having a premium content and tell subscribers to pay you for joining channel and members also get benefit of it example you can share any course at paid services .

5. MERCHANDISE SALES :- sell your product related to telegram channel community and audience.


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